2. italiankitty120-master:

    Three penises straight up rock hard
    You’ve been rated by the italiankitty120-Master.

    Number of penises-1 to 4. 4 is the best
    Angle of penis-Straight up, hung half, low hanging, up ass hole.
    Hardness- Rock hard, semi-rock hard, soft, cold water soft, chastity.

    I feel honored

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  3. Everyone and anyone send me anything! I feel like connecting.

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  5. failsafeafternoon:

    She had hinted that it was there, and now you clearly can see what waits for you inside her pink satin damp stamp panties. 

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  6. cum-yum:

    best cum kiss… I so want this…

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  7. cum-yum:

    This stuff seriously makes my mouth water… I want it so bad…. Wish my SO would be more open to it…

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  10. Lemme just get on my back and slide on under there…

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  11. wifeslittlesecret:

    Do this. So subtle and yet so not.

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  13. girlfriendshared:

    "The stories were incredible."

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