1. bigsexypeaches:

    I wanna see everyone, actually.

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  3. realcucklife:


    For that have been taken by their wife.

    What is the done thing what is the process?

    Does she make you get down on your knees like a little slut and beg to suck her cock?
    Does she then make you beg to fuck you in the ass? Do you stick your ass up in the air and beg to be fucked?


    Do you just stick your ass up in the air and let her fuck you??

    If you are in a chastity cage do you stick a vibrator on the side of it?

    If not..

    Do you jerk yourself off while she is fucking you? Is she meant to reach around and jerk you off?

    Do you normally cum while she is pounding you?

    For those really naughty people

    Have you had her pull out, and you cum on her strap on, only to stick it back in your ass again?

    Do you have your wife go ass to mouth on you? This could be before or after you have cum on her strap on.

    I have a fantasy scene where she would pull out just as im about to cum, she would ram the strapon down my throat while i cum all over her feet and heels, and then being a good cuckold cum slut, I would have to lick her feet clean.

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  4. we-are-naughty:

    Sometimes just a phone camera is all you need! So nice to be reunited at last 😊.

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  5. whitehotwives:


    Themed pictures that I especially like:

    Wives too preoccupied with their lovers to really care for their husbands.

    Maybe he’s getting a hand, maybe not…

    If you like this, you’ll love WhiteHotWives.tumblr.com.
    Follow Me …and bring a friend.

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  7. burgo666:

    Girls with small dick boyfriends are the most sexually daring of all.

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  8. It’s so true. We should.

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  10. An absolute fantasy. C’mon nyc!

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    how I would to share like this with a naughty-girl!

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    that dirty, hot, sharing…. yes

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  15. Love the head grab

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